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Meeting Dates and Documents

Frindsbury Extra Parish Council normally meets on the last Thursday of every month except August.  Meetings start at 7.30pm and are usually held in the Memorial Hall, Holly Road, Wainscott, Kent ME2 4LG (See a Location Map.)  Members of the Public are very welcome to attend.

The documents listed below all open in PDF format in a new browser window. Link to Adobe Acrobat PDF reader

To see previous parish council Agenda, Minutes and other documents for the years 2013 to 2010 inclusive, please click here.  For the years 2004 to end 2009, please click here for Agendas and here for Minutes
  For our published Policy and Procedure documents plus Financial Reports, please click here.

For all family and local history research enquiries, please click here.

Note:- While great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of these documents, readers are advised that the formal documents and other records are held by the Parish Clerk and are available for inspection by prior arrangement. 

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26 January Agenda Minutes
23 February
Agenda Minutes
30 March
Agenda Minutes
26 April [Annual Parish Meeting]

Annual Parish Report
27 April Agenda  
25 May    
22 June    
27 July    
28 September    
26 October    
23 November    
(TBA) December    

Planned 2018 dates:- 25 January; 22 February & 22 March.

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22 January Agenda Minutes
25 February
Agenda Minutes
24 March
Agenda Minutes
28 April
Agenda Minutes
23 May [Annual Parish Meeting] Agenda Draft Minutes
26 May Agenda Minutes
30 June Agenda Minutes
28 July Agenda Minutes
22 September Agenda


27 October Agenda Minutes
24 November Agenda Minutes
22 December Agenda Minutes

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22 January Agenda Minutes
26 February
Agenda Minutes
26 March
Agenda Minutes
23 April
Agenda Minutes
27 April [Annual Parish Meeting]
Agenda Minutes
20 May Agenda Minutes
25 June Agenda Minutes
23 July Agenda Minutes
24 September Agenda Minutes
22 October Agenda Minutes
26 November -- Minutes
15 December -- Minutes

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23 January Agenda Minutes
27 February
Agenda Minutes
27 March
Agenda Minutes
24 April
Agenda Minutes
21 May [Annual Parish Meeting] Agenda

Annual Report

29 May [Annual Parish Council Meeting] Agenda Minutes
26 June Agenda Minutes
24 July Agenda Minutes
25 September Agenda Minutes
30 October Agenda Minutes
27 November Agenda Minutes
17 December Agenda Minutes

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