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A G E N D A 

for the Annual Parish Council Meeting to be held at the Memorial Hall, Holly Road, Wainscott on Thursday 28th May 2009 at 7.30 pm

1 Election of Chairman
2 To receive the Chairmanís Declaration of Acceptance of Office or, if the Chairman is not present, to resolve that such Declaration be made at or before the next Ordinary Meeting of the Council
3 Election of Vice-Chairman
4 To receive the Vice-Chairmanís Declaration of Acceptance of Office or, if the Chairman is not present, to resolve that such Declaration be made at or before the next Ordinary Meeting of the Council
5 Apologies for absence

6 Code of Conduct

a Declarations of Interest and alterations to the Register

b Standards Committee

7 To appoint Committees

a Planning Committee
b Finance & General Purposes Committee

8 To appoint representatives to outside bodies:

a Rural Liaison Sub-Committee
b KALC Medway Area Committee
c Police Liaison Committee
d Memorial Hall Management Committee
e Upnor Residents Association

9 To appoint to other posts

a Footpaths Officer – currently Mr David Levy and assistant Mrs Wendy Williams
b Tree Wardens
Currently Mrs Marilyn Campbell, Mrs Lindsay Hargreaves and Mrs Karen Seymour

10 Any other business of an urgent nature
11 Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 23 April 2009
12 Matters arising from the Minutes not otherwise on the Agenda

a C/04/09/14(26): Frindsbury Hall Nursing Home
b C/04/09/15(27): Greenfields Bootfair

13 Footpaths

a Representativeís report

14 Upnor

a Upnor Residents Association report
b Lower Upnor Riverside project

15 Planning Ė Appendix A

a Applications
b Decisions
c Appeals and Other Matters
d Licensing Applications

e Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 13 May 2009

16 Finance Ė Appendix B

a Bank Balances
b Cheques signed since last meeting
c Accounts for payment
d Internal audit
e Accounts 2008/9
f Annual Return 2008/9
g Chairmanís Allowance

17 Grant Applications

a Kent County Playing Fields Association
b Arethusa Old Boys’ Association

18 Highways & Transport

19 Management of the Councilís land and property

a Recreation Ground and hedges

i General Maintenance

b Woodland, Lower Upnor
c Allotments

20 Lighting
21 Youth
22 Rural Liaison Committee

a Representativeís report
b Projects

i Wainscott village sign
ii Youth Project

iii Other projects


a Representativeís report

24 Hall Management

a Representativeís report
b Hall refurbishment/extension

25 Police Matters

a PCSO’s Report

b Police Liaison Committee representative's report
c Neighbourhood Watch

26 Web site
27 Consultation documents

28 Correspondence
29 Reports and Circulars

a Southern Water Business Plan
b Kent Voice
c ACRK Rural News
d Clerks & Councils Direct





To resolve that the press and public be excluded from the following item on the grounds that it concerns a contract




Review of Clerk’s fee


The next meeting will be held on Thursday 25 June 2009 at 7.30 pm

Roxana Brammer
Parish Clerk

22 May 2009

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