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Cllr David Coomber




Cllr Gordon Bird




Cllr Mrs Nancy Bird




Cllr Gary Etheridge


From item 5


Cllr David Miller




Cllr Geoff Moore








Mrs Roxana Brammer







in attendance

Cllr Mrs Jane Etheridge






Action point











An apology for absence was received from





Cllr Mrs Pam Coomber






It was proposed by Cllr Etheridge, seconded by Cllr Bird and agreed this apology be accepted.








Cllr Moore declared a personal interest in item 5a, Sandacres, Lower Upnor as living close to the application site. Cllr Bird declared a personal and prejudicial interest in item 5f, Hilltop School, as a governor of the school.
















It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Bird, seconded by Cllr Moore and agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 11 January 2007 be signed as a correct record.












MC2007/0077 : Sandacres, Upnor Road, Lower Upnor


A meeting had been held with the Chairman and a member of the Upnor Society. After discussion, it was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Moore and agreed the Council object as follows:


The Council accepts there is planning permission granted for a small development of nine 4 and 5 bedroomed detached houses in the grounds of Sandacres. The Council did not object to this application in principle, but members expressed concern at the extra traffic that would be generated.


There is a vast difference however between a small low density development, which retains the original dwelling and the nature reserve and the present application for demolition of the original house and construction of 43 dwellings on the entire site, including the nature reserve.


In Barton Willmore's Planning Statement it says:


Para 1.2: The site is part of the larger Upnor quarry site allocated for residential development in the Medway Local Plan. The Parish Council disputes this statement. It believes the Upnor Quarry site as identified in the Local Plan for residential development of 100 dwellings is the site now occupied by 110 dwellings and that the property known as Sandacres and its grounds were not part of this site.


2.5: The Medway Yacht Club is based in Lower Upnor. So is the Upnor Sailing Club, which is much nearer to the application site. There is also the Ship public house and a convenience store that was built as part of the residential development of the Upnor Quarry site. Barton Willmore have ignored the presence of The Pier public house. The convenience store has now closed as being unviable.


5.3: It is clear from the above (statement from the “Barker Review of Housing Supply” quoted in para 5.2) that essential housing needs are not currently being met. This statement does not apply to Frindsbury Extra civil parish. In the last ten years over 500 houses have been built in the parish and at least another 280 are in the local plan. In this latter case another developer is seeking to build up to 400, instead of 280. In Lower Upnor itself the quarry development, started by Wilson Connolly and completed by Taylor Woodrow, doubled the number of houses in the village.


5.60: low density housing will not be permitted in or close to town centres, near existing or proposed public transport access points or along routes capable of being well served by public transport and which are close to local facilities. Lower Upnor is not a town centre nor close to one, two buses a day cannot be said to be being well served by public transport and there are no local facilities. A development of over 30 dwellings per hectare therefore does not apply.


5.65: In rural areas 2 parking spaces are sought for dwellings of 2 or 3 bedrooms, whilst 3 parking spaces are sought for dwellings of four or more bedrooms. The developer is proposing 1.7 spaces which is below these guidelines.


5.71: Development will be located so as to maximise accessibility to housing, jobs, open space, public transport and social, community and cultural facilities. Accessibility to jobs and cultural facilities is only possible by means of the car as public transport is inadequate for these purposes. This applies equally to schools as there are none in Upnor.


5.75: Densities of 30-40 dwellings per hectare are appropriate in areas within or adjacent to existing low density suburbs. Lower Upnor is a village of 200 properties and is not a suburb nor adjacent to one.


It is noted that the applicant has commissioned and provided various ecological assessments. However, the Parish Council has been informed by local residents that there are bats (a protected species) on the site, believed to be in the roof space of Sandacres. The parish Council has also been informed that the area shown on the application plans for MC2003/2051 as “Nature Reserve” has a variety of flora and fauna that would be disturbed or dispersed by houses built on this area.


The highway system in the vicinity consists of a private military road (Upchat Road), which is open to the general public but over which the highway authority has no control and Upnor Road, which joins the Medway Tunnel approach road. Upnor Road is difficult to access if approaching from Wainscott Road or Frindsbury Hill and egress from Upnor by Upnor Road entails joining the Medway Tunnel traffic and changing lanes unless going through the tunnel. Both manoeuvres are difficult at times of peak traffic flow. An extra 43 dwellings with the likelihood of at least two cars per household will add to the problem. In the village itself overspill parking already exists as there are not enough parking spaces. It is probable that parking from the Sandacres development would overspill onto Upnor Road in the same way. The public car park is at the other end of the village and closes at dusk and therefore cannot be used by evening visitors.


The Parish Council supports fully the letter of objection sent by the Upnor Residents Society and draws Medway Council's attention to objections raised by residents.


Should the planning authority be minded to approve the application or should permission be granted on appeal, the Parish Council requests Section 106 agreements be established for the following:


Education: Money for education to be made available to all 3 primary schools in the parish (Hilltop, Temple Mill and Wainscott). There is no school in Upnor, children must therefore travel to primary as well as secondary school.


Open space: The open space agreement for provision off site, for the Lower Upnor Riverside Project. This is a project to upgrade and enhance the riverfront in Lower Upnor for the benefit of the local community and visitors to this tourist area of Medway. The partners in this project are: Frindsbury Extra Parish Council, Upnor Residents Society, Medway Council, Arethusa Venture Centre, Groundwork Medway Swale, Medway Swale Estuary Partnership and the Medway Yacht Club.


Community: Any money to benefit the community should also be for the Lower Upnor Riverside Project.






MC2007/0114 : 109-111 Wainscott Road, Wainscott: Conversion of existing building back to original 3 separate houses for residential use


No objection






MC2007/0104 : MHS Homes, Hughes Drive & Miller Way, Wainscott : Installation of 3 timber bin storage areas


No objection.






MC2007/0088 : 24 Cagney Close, Wainscott : Single storey rear extension


No objection






MC2006/2225: Land adjacent Walmer House, Cypress Court, Cypress Road, Wainscott : Outline application for the construction of twelve 1- bedroomed flats in two 3 storey blocks with associated car parking and access


It was proposed by Cllr Etheridge, seconded by Cllr Bird and agreed the Council object as follows:


Frindsbury Extra Parish Council objects to this application. The Council objected to an earlier application on this site, ref MC2002/2376, which was refused by the planning authority. The Council's objection read:


The Council .... has no objection in principle with residential development on this site but has concerns with the proposed density. The only access is through Cypress Road which already carries all traffic associated with the existing flats. 3-storey blocks will be too dominant and will affect the amenity of parishioners in Hilltop Road as well as residents of Frindsbury. The Parish Council would not object to a low rise, low density development of bungalows on this site. It is also considered that the site should be developed in a way that has a regard to the whole site, rather than done in a piecemeal manner, which this isolated application would encourage. The Parish Council requests a site meeting and asks that it be kept fully informed as if the site were in the parish.


The Council reiterates those comments in relation to this application. We would also repeat the wish to be kept fully informed of any applications for development on this site as the only access is through Cypress Road, which is in the parish and residents of Hilltop Road, also in the parish, would be affected.






MC2007/0161: Hilltop Primary School, Hilltop Road, Wainscott: Provision of new changing rooms to swimming pool, pool cover, enclosure and new footpaths, gates and fences


Having declared a personal and prejudicial interst, Cllr Bird left the room.


It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Cllr Etheridge and agreed the Council support fully this application.


Cllr Bird returned to the meeting.








The decisions as listed on the agenda were noted.












Crest Nicholson Development, Wainscott


The Clerk reported on a meeting arranged by Medway Council at the request of a resident. It had also been attended by members of the Frindsbury & Wainscott Community Association and by the Vice-chairman of governors of Wainscott School.






48 Hollywood Lane


The Chairman reported that the resident was considering applying for the construction of a house on part of his garden.








No applications received.





The Chairman closed the meeting at 3.55 pm


Signed ………………………………………………………..Chairman


On the ………day of ……………………..2007


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